Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Costs estimates, offers, prices, order progress, conclusion of the contract:
Our offers take place without engagement and without obligation. The prices are also subject to confirmation and include presently legal value-added tax and packaging cost but not it’s recycling. The purchaser declares with full invoice payment. With the confirmation by e-mail, the contract for sale has been accomplished.
Contracts through our internet interactive catalog (web site) can be concluded in English or Italian language. Possible forwarding charges and C.O.D. charge is excluded. If not explicitly mentioned the price do not include illustrated accessories and decoration. We reserve description and price errors for ourselves. Please find more information about forwarding charges in our category “shipping & returns”. We record your order data and send them together with our General Terms and Conditions via email. You can see your order data in our client login area.

Shipment and Delivery:
Your order will be delivered in one delivery. If necessary the shipment will be sent partially. This could happen if an item is packed in two or more separate boxes. In this case of Lighting In Design Inc., absorbs the extra costs. The general terms of delivery result from our confirmation of order. In stock item(s) can be delivered immediately (3-7 business days). Custom made lighting facture that has to be ordered can be usually delivered in about 8-12 weeks depended on the order complexity. The delivery takes place on condition that we are supplied correct and timely.
Compensation for delayed delivery is excluded unless culpable negligence exists. The shipment will be made exclusively by conditional sale and the object of purchase remains our property until its complete payment in full.

There is absolutely no money return for any custom made orders.
Your order´s payment must be made in advance by bank transfer, credit card or corporate bank check. Purchase on the account is possible by agreement. Subject to the condition is that all invoices have been balanced regularly. A charging is only acceptable with indisputable or legal valid stated outstanding money. This is only within US and Canada possible. For the delivery of particular products, articles with a higher value of goods, special custom-made products or particular products, which can only be supplied on request, we are required 100% advance deposit. The charges are based on retail price in Euro.

The guarantee is conformed to the requirements of the legal commandments. For all defects arising during the warranty period, including damage in transit, we offer you the choice of damage repair, replacement of the damaged goods or back processing of the order as provided under United States of America law, and, where special statutory conditions apply, further entitlement to reduction or rescission in addition to compensation, including compensation for loss instead of fulfillment or reimbursement of additional expenses incurred. If there are any signs of obvious transit damage, please assist us by informing us of such errors immediately or, preferably, by advising the transport company’s delivery person directly. Failure to complain immediately does not affect your statutory rights. You can find the contact address of our client service in our imprint. Please feel free to contact us for any for any questions, demands, complaints, and objections.

Damages in transit and complaints:
Please verify the goods by receipt if there are any damages and notice in writing as soon as possible within 5 business days. If you detect any damages in transit by delivery, please notice this immediately to the deliverer and confirm the damage in writing. In case of blind damages please directly contact us. Without written acknowledgment, a free compensation delivery or replacement will not happen. Please hold the faultily or damaged products ready for a possible inspection and please send it to Lighting In Design Inc.

Dimensions/Modification of product attributes:
The quoted dimensions are only indicating. All producers reserve the right to change anytime and without prior notice product attributes of their products for technical reasons. In case of doubt, the respective commercial organization can be asked.

The color of the glass, fabric, and metal are not obligatory, as it is not technically possible to assure the color consistency in a certain period of time. The purchaser accepts these possible tolerances during making the order.

Lighting fixtures protection class and degree of protection:
Unless otherwise noted the lighting fixtures have a protection class I and degree of protection as of IP20 and UL.

The collection, processing, and use of personal data:
You can visit our site with and without providing information on yourself. We shall only store access data without reference to the person, such as the name of your internet service provider, the site from which you accessed your site or the name of the requested file. These data shall be evaluated exclusively for the improvement of our offers, and do not enable us to draw conclusions with regard to yourself. Personal data will only be collected if they are voluntarily provided to us by yourself within the framework of your order of goods, when opening a customer account or when registering for our newsletter. We shall only use the provided date for the fulfillment and handling of your order unless you provide us with a special approval. At the time of complete processing of the contract and complete payment of the purchase price, your data will be locked from any further use and will be deleted after the end of the period of time required by provisions of tax and commercial law, unless you expressly agree to the further use of your data. When registering for the newsletter, your name, and your e-mail address will be used for our own advertising purposes with your approval, until you unsubscribe the newsletter. All customer details are saved and processed in accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act and Teleservices Data Protection Act.

Forwarding of personal data, credit assessment:
We never disclose your personal information, including home and e-mail address, to third parties without your express permission which you may withdraw at any time. This does not apply to our service partners (including the carriers making the deliveries, credit agencies and financial institutions processing the payments) who require the transferred information in order to process the order. In these instances, however, we only transfer the data required. The data will not be forwarded to any other third parties.

Use of Internet Browser Cookies:
In order to be able to place orders in our online shop, a so-called session cookie will be placed when certain pages are retrieved. These are small text files which will be deleted from your computer automatically after the browser session. These files exclusively serve to be able to use certain applications, for instance, our shopping basket system.

Allowance for e-mail advertising:
During opening your customer account you can subscribe to our newsletter. In this case, you declare to agree with the periodic sending of interesting offers via e-mail. Your e-mail address will not be passed down to other companies. This agreement for utilization of your e-mail address for announcement can be revoked at any time with future effect by replay with “sign off” in the subject line.

Data safety:
We have a number of technical and organizational safeguards in place to protect the personal information you supply to us from incidental or deliberate manipulation, loss, destruction, and unauthorized access. Payments are processed using 256-bit encryption SSL.

You are entitled to see the information held about you at any time and may ask us to make any changes to ensure that it is accurate and kept up to date. You may also ask us to block or delete this information. Please send us your request by e-mail to info@muranoimports.com, post to Lighting in Design Inc, Edgewater NJ 07020 USA or Call to +1(800) 310-9025 or Fax to +1(888) 813-2316

The author does not assume warranty for up-to-date, correctitude, completeness or quality of the provided information in no way. Provided that no demonstrable deliberate or grossly negligent default does exist versus the author liability claims referring to material damages or damages of imaginary character versus the author that have been caused because of use or disuse of the described information or because of use of faulty or incomplete information are basically excluded. The author reserves explicit the rights to change completely and cancel parts of the pages or the complete choice without prior separate notice or to cease temporarily or definitely the publication.

Links disclaimer:
Hereby we explicit would like to dissociate from the contents of possible web pages hyperlinked on our website and do not assume any responsibility for them. Before the insertion of hyperlinks in the hyperlink assemblage or a server internet search engines, they have been checked accurately. However, the checking of each single internet page is not possible. Just as well the page´s content after assimilation can change. On this account, we expressly would like to dissociate of all contents of pages that you can find through hyperlinks on our website and do not adopt these contents as one´s own. This declaration applies to all hyperlinks that are addressable on our website. If you should find hyperlinks on our website, that lead to penal/correctional and liability relevant pages, please do not hesitate to inform us promptly by e-mail at support@muranoimports.com.

Applicable law:
The law of the United States of America shall apply for all legal transactions and other legal relations with us. For contracts with a purpose which cannot be attributed to the professional or commercial activity of the entitled person (consumer), this choice of law shall only apply in as far as the consumer is not deprived of the protection provided by mandatory regulations of the law of the state where the consumer has his normal place of abode.

Appointments validity:
In the event of an appointment of this agreement will be completely or partially disabled or lose later its legal effect, the remaining clauses stay valid. Instead of the no more effective appointments, there should be used an appropriate arrangement to adapt the contract. The arrangement should be commercial as similar as possible what the contracting parties had wanted if they had known the inefficacy of the arrangement.

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