Amber Modern Murano Chandelier S1199L8

Amber Modern Murano Chandelier S1199L8
Modern Murano chandelier S1199L8 smoky color

Modern Murano Chandelier S1199L8 Amber Glass

Newley originated modern Murano chandelier lighting line made in black matte Murano glass. It is available in several different sizes as well as a custom size, variety of metal finishes upon your request. The matte black modern Murano glass lighting chandelier is an exceptional Murano lighting fixture and it is perfect for any residential and commercial interiors.

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SKU: AMS1199L8
Size: H. ” x D. ” (H. cm x D. cm)
Bulbs: 12 x E12, 110V-130V (or E14, 220V-240V)
Glass Color: Amber (other: Amethyst Fume, Clear, Black, White, Gold, Turquoise or custom color)
Metal Finish: Polished Chrome, 24K Gold or custom finishes
Lead Time: 4-8 Weeks (International door to door delivery)