Contemporary Pendant Lighting IL439K12

Contemporary Pendant Lighting IL439K12
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Contemporary Pendant Lighting Smoky Glass IL439K12

Contemporary pendant lighting chandelier made with an elegance of Italian traditions. Smoky glass contemporary pendant lighting is a perfect focal point for the living room or kitchen interior design projects. It looks stunning above the dinner table.
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SKU: IL437-6-6-S

Contemporary pendant lighting IL439K12 smoky glass tech info
Size: D. 38″ x H1. 28″ (D. 96cm x H1. 62cm), H2. 40″ (H2. 100cm) ajustable
Bulbs: LED 46W / 4300 Lumen, Temprature 3000K, 110V-130V (G9, 220V-250V)
Glass Color: Smoky/Dove (White or Custom Color)
Metal Finish: Chrome
Weight: 29 lbs (13kg)

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chandelier with UL certificate

This chandelier is available only in 12 lights. The custom size, color, and finishes available upon request.
Please reply with a specified request by email listed on the Contact Us page or
call Tel. 1-800-310-9025