Custom Chandelier Project

All Types of Custom Lighting Fixture Projects.

Upon request any custom changes to selected modern chandelier or contemporary lighting, traditional Murano chandeliers, and pendant lighting to fit your interior design and architectural requirements

We will transform your ideas into unique product,
into glass artwork with a refine design and of excellent quality.

We are open to change in existing chandelier models: vertical and diameter size, color of metal frame and candles, glass and crystals parts and accents as well as quantity of lighting candles and number of lighting levels. You can also submit your sketches and drawings with changes to our catalog Murano lighting fixtures or your very own ideas, and we will reply with an estimate price, time of production and delivery.
Since we have direct connection to the glass-making companies, one of our biggest advantages over our competitors is the fact that we can customize almost all Chandeliers according to your specifications. We can change glass color, finish, size, or the number of lights. These capabilities are sometime needed when selecting that perfect fixture for your project.
Our design and product development unit allows us to produce personalised fixtures to satisfy your ambient lighting requirements. Our activity in this specific area includes onsite inspections, illumination calculations, collaboration on lighting projects, installation, maintenance and restoration work.